I began creating Chinese Watercolor Art aka shuimo (水墨 /shway-mor/ ‘water-ink’) and guohua (国画 /gwor-hwaa/) in 2020. In this collection, I used watercolor techniques to draw a variety of nature scenes. Chinese watercolors are natural pigments bound with glue. The main focus is its luminosity and transparency. Mainly there are two techniques;

1. The filling-in technique is strongly related to calligraphy.

2. The boneless technique combined with the splashing-ink technique. Color usage is the foremost performer on the rice paper. There are no outline or shaping lines in ink, instead color is used. This method is applied mainly in flower painting but can also be used in landscape painting.

Do you want to incorporate Chinese Watercolor into your current project or need art for your space? Please contact via this link to commission art or use any contemporary design presented in this Online Chinese Watercolor Gallery.

Anisa was born and raised in NY and a versatile, artist. She enjoyed animation and stop-motion films and was intrigued by how they were made behind the scenes.