100 Days of Sketching is a simple yet effective challenge to improve your art and drawing skills in 100 days. Its concentration lies in its simplicity and its sustainability. Kesh is a visual storyteller, illustrator, and filmmaker, and his YouTube Channel is KeshART. I joined Kesh’s 100 days of sketching challenge in 2021, and making a picture a day; whatever word of the day from the prompt list inspiring me. This is a daily sketching challenge that I do every year to create more consistency with my Art and improve my skill level at the same time.

Here’s how it works, 1. Draw every day for at least 6 mins/day for 100 Days. 2. On any particular day, if you feel like it draw more, if not, just draw for 6 minutes. 3. Finish the challenge by either doing this in 100 consecutive days or 100 days in total. I am currently posting them on Instagram; Once the competition is completed, I will upload all the pictures here.

#100daysofsketching #100days2021 Please contact via this link to commission art or use any current design presented

Anisa was born and raised in NY and a versatile, artist. She enjoyed animation and stop-motion films and was intrigued by how they were made behind the scenes.